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Merchant Academy Gets Results!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

We are absolutely thrilled with the recent response to Merchant Academy...

The programme we launched with a fast-growing digital retailer is a huge hit!

How do we know?

Learners Are Active

95% of Junior Buyers, Junior Merchandise Planners, Assistant Buyers and Assistant Merchandisers have logged in at least once, with an average of 10 logins per individual over a 4 month period.

More than 800 hours spent in training.

Course Content is Relevant and Useful

Individual courses get high marks for relevance - 82% of respondents would recommend a course for either their peers or direct reports (or both).

100% of respondents believe their performance may or will improve based on what they learned.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Has Skyrocketed!

An employee engagement survey was collected right before the programme launched, with a follow up three months later. The improvement was breakthtaking:

Satisfaction with the company's investment in training and education leaped from 24% to 64% (+40 points!)

Satisfaction with opportunities for cross-functional training climbed from 22% to 42% (+20 points)

In addition, there was significant (10 point +) improvement in:

  • Satisfaction with opportunities for professional growth

  • Satisfaction with career advancement opportunities

  • Belief in the dedication of the organization to professional development

  • Belief in the opportunities to apply their talents and expertise

The programme includes online courses available to all members of Buying & Merchandising plus workshops for selected roles to cover Merchandise Financial Planning, Open-to-Buy and In-Season Management and Assortment Analysis.

We're excited to continue helping these eger and up-and-coming Buyers and Merchandise Planners reach their full potential!

We're excited to continue helping these eager and up-and-coming Buyers and Merchandise Planners reach their full potential!nd strategic decision-making skills of retail Buyers and Planners. If you'd like to learn more about Merchant Academy's 70+ courses and how we can create a programme tailored for your organization, please contact us.a

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