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  • Joanne Neidorf

Stein Mart Success With Merchant Academy

During a 15-week pilot, we gave access to 17 Merchant Academy courses to 24 Assistant Buyers, Assistant Planners, and Buying and Planning Interns at Stein Mart, an American discount department store chain with nearly 300 stores plus online sales. Then we listened to what they - and their Buyers and Planners - had to tell us...

"This is a great tool for on boarding"

The consensus across all levels of the organization is that Merchant Academy is a great addition to their buying and planning onboarding program.

The material complements existing training and fills gaps on what a new member of the Stein Mart buying or planning team needs to know.

"This is a great foundation"

"There is information here I don't think we have anywhere else in the organization"

"You can learn a lot more this way than just sitting in a class"

Integrating Merchant Academy online courses and recommended offline team activities into an onboarding plan ensures that time is allocated for new hire learning and development.

Successful Blend of Online/Offline Learning

Over the 15 week pilot, Stein Mart participants logged more than 300 hours on eLearning and completed more than 300 online courses.

But equally valuable are the offline conversations and activities based on Merchant Academy courses.

"Our team meeting sparked great conversations"

"Based on the eComm activity, we have started a project without eComm team to improve our digital presence"

Through this blended model, access to the online courses introduces everyone to the core concepts while the offline activities deepen and expand on the learning.

Merchant Academy is Relevant and Informative

Finding the time to fit in learning and development is always a challenge, but if the material is both relevant and informative then it is time well-spent.

"Clear and concise information that relates directly to our business"

"Good resource to refer back to"

"I liked the focus on what is important to look at and analyze to make business decisions"

Based on more than 20+ years of retail merchandising experience, Merchant Academy is laser-focused on developing the skills of future Buyers and Planners.

What's Next?

As we work with retailers around the world, we'll continue to share how Merchant Academy is being used and the impact it has.

If you'd like more information on Merchant Academy or to discuss how Merchant Academy could help your organization, please contact us at

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